The Bridgertons Come to Shondaland: Books 5-8

It only took three weeks, but here is my return to the Bridgertons. I am still very excited for Shonda Rhimes to make this series.  Can it just be on Netflix already? If you would like to read about the cast for books #1-4, you can read all about it in my last blog post. … Continue reading The Bridgertons Come to Shondaland: Books 5-8

The Bridgertons Come to Shondaland: Books 1-4

All of romancelandia is in a flutter, because the queen of women's television has decided to adapt the much beloved Bridgerton series for Netflix. The Bridgerton series follows the romantic lives of all eight Bridgerton children with each getting their own book.   There might have hints before this when Shonda Rhimes earlier said she … Continue reading The Bridgertons Come to Shondaland: Books 1-4

Episode 2: Georgian Breakfast

At long last, you can exhale. Release the crumpled handkerchief from your tightly clenched grasp. Cease the manic fanning of your overheated brow. Episode 2 is here . . . did we say this was a monthly podcast? Apologies for keeping you on tenterhooks. We hope it will prove worth the wait. If you like … Continue reading Episode 2: Georgian Breakfast

Every Maiden Lane Ranked

For last few months, I've had Elizabeth Hoyt on the brain.  In under three months, and despite working like a dog, I somehow managed to read every book in the Maiden Lane series.  This series is Hoyt's best known and longest. I could not stop reading this series, so of course I had to rank … Continue reading Every Maiden Lane Ranked

Historical Ladies Part 3: American Woman

For our last entry in the historical ladies series, we cover our own home country. Annie Oakley Okay, Annie Oakley’s relationship with husband and fellow sharpshooter, Frank Butler, has already been fictionalized in the musical, Annie Get Your Gun. But in that, Frank’s a jealous, chauvinist jerk and the musical ends with Annie deliberately losing … Continue reading Historical Ladies Part 3: American Woman

The Bachelorette: Bungling for Boutonnieres

As a fan of hate (secretly love) watching The Bachelor, I was compelled to tune-in Monday night to watch Becca get her sweet revenge on Arie.  Having never watched a season of The Bachelorette, my day drinking soaked brain was pleasantly surprised to see this show follows the same exact structure as its male counterpart.  The frontrunners, along … Continue reading The Bachelorette: Bungling for Boutonnieres

Historical Women Part Deux: The French

Next in our three part series, we proclaim our love of badass 18th century French women. Jeanne Baret Jeanne Baret’s story is so wild and colorful and amazing, it absolutely begs to be turned into a novel, although the truth would have to be altered a bit to turn it into an actual Romance. She … Continue reading Historical Women Part Deux: The French